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江西11选五走势图:Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:Where is Warner Music Group located?
A:Warner Music Group is a global music company which operates in more than 50 countries through various subsidiaries, affiliates and non-affiliated licensees. Our headquarters are located in Manhattan at 1633 Broadway, New York, NY 10019.
Q:How can I find out about employment opportunities within Warner Music Group?

多乐彩11选5 To view current employment opportunities within WMG, click here.

Q:How can I submit my demo to Warner Music Group?
A:Demos should only be submitted to Warner Music Group's record labels (e.g., Atlantic, Elektra, Warner Bros.) for consideration, not directly to Warner Music Group. However, please note that Warner Music Group's record labels do not accept unsolicited materials. This means that your demo must be recommended to our labels by an established industry professional (manager, agent, lawyer, journalists, one of our artists, etc.).Industry professionals that understand the creative goals of our record labels are best suited to make these recommendations. We strongly suggest you seek out the assistance of one of these individuals.
Q:How can I get an internship at one of Warner Music Group's companies?
A:A limited number of internships are available for the fall, spring and summer semesters for college credit only. For internship opportunities, please submit your cover letter and resume to: [email protected].
Q:I want to use a song by a Warner Music Group artist in my project. How do I obtain the necessary rights?
A:If you are interested in using the actual sound recording by an artist on a WMG record label, a good place to start is by calling our licensing division at Rhino Entertainment (818) 238-6100. If you are interested in using a musical composition that is published or administered by our music publishing company, Warner/Chappell Music, you should visit the Warner/Chappell web site where you will find a useful song search tool as well as tools to request mechanical and print licenses.
Q: I am a royalty participant concerned about receiving payments for my work. How can I update my contact information or verify the status of my account?
A: Over the years, some recording artists, songwriters and producers affiliated with WMG and its companies have moved without notifying us of their new addresses. This means that royalty payments and/or royalty accountings are occasionally returned to us without forwarding information.
If you are a royalty participant and believe you are entitled to an accounting or have moved without notifying WMG, please fill out the royalty information request form.
Q:How do I solicit Warner Music Group for a donation to a charity or charitable event?
A:Please send your request to [email protected].
Q:How can I search the site for answers to specific questions I have about Warner Music Group?
A:A searchable archive of WMG’s announcements since 2006 is available here.
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